Jan 27, 2023 |

Feminist Governance

What would governance imagined from a feminist perspective look like?

Which opportunities and challenges exist around Feminist Governance?

And how would Feminist Governance differ from good or effective governance?

Let’s imagine Feminist Governance together.

There is a vibrant conversation and community growing around Feminist Leadership as a tool for transforming leadership and organisational culture. What if we applied these principles and approaches to governance?

In November 2022, new and existing members of the FAIR SHARE Action Circle gathered to start collecting thoughts, ideas and questions around the concept of Feminist Governance. In this short video you can get a glimpse into these conversations.

Do you have experiences or resources about Feminist Governance to share? Get in touch with sophia@fairsharewl.org

The FAIR SHARE Action Circle

To be truly visionary we have to root our imagination in our concrete reality while simultaneously imagining possibilities beyond that reality.”

feminist scholar bell hooks