Mar 3, 2022 |

The Feminist Leadership Hub

What is Feminist Leadership, and what does it look like in practice?

Which resources exist to explore and deepen my understanding of Feminist Leadership?

How can I connect with other experienced and curious Feminist Leaders?

More and more people and organisations are looking for a community to explore their thoughts, questions and ideas around Feminist Leadership. Over 4,000 people registered for our webinar series on Feminist Leadership, with one participant telling us she felt “like my thoughts and feelings of the past years had finally found a home in which to resonate.” Another said: “I would like to be in touch with all the participants after the webinar series to have a community where I can constantly seek advice and share my learnings.”

That’s why we want to build a virtual home for curious and experienced Feminist Leaders – of all genders. Will you join us?

One Future Collective has designed a participatory process to lead us towards a concept for a virtual home for Feminist Leaders - and we'll document milestones of that journey on our Medium page.

Have questions?

You may find your answer below. If not, get in touch with our Project Manager Sophia Seawell via!

What would this space look like?

We don’t already have a specific “end product” in mind, but rather see it as a journey of building a virtual home for the vibrant and constantly growing community of both experienced and curious Feminist Leaders around the world. We hope it can serve as a place for people to connect, exchange ideas, share their work and questions and learn from one another, as well as a central point for a range of resources on the subject. But most importantly, it will be driven by input from its potential future users on what they would want and need. Together, we will turn this idea into a concrete concept.

Who is the Hub for?

The hub is for both those who are curious about Feminist Leadership and want to know more as well as those who are familiar with the concept and consider themselves seasoned practioners.

We do not define feminism, Feminist Leadership or the audience for this hub in relation to biological definitions of sex. This space is intended for people of all genders who would like to find companions on their Feminist Leadership journey.

How is the concept being developed?

FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders is initiating development of this space, but this will be a highly participatory process. We are working with One Future Collective to design a process that will involve stakeholders from the beginning phases of conceptualisation. Currently the process involves the following elements: stakeholder mapping, a review of existing platforms, semi-structured listening spaces and focus group discussions with stakeholders, open surveys, and a digital hackathon.

Initial stakeholder mapping includes activists, consultants, social impact organisations and donors with interest in/affinity with feminist philanthropy, feminist activism, and/or Feminist Leadership. Focus Group Discussions include experts on particular topics such as accessibility, governance, and community-building.

How will it be run?

While FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders is initiating this project, we are excited to explore models of governance based on Feminist Leadership principles. We aim to make partners in the process co-owners, running the space as a consortium with a feminist governance structure.

Who is supporting this project?

We have initial funding for the exploratory process from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, but we will need to secure further financial support for launching and running this virtual home. If you’re interested in collaborating, please contact

This project is supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.