Our Governance

We aim to test and showcase new forms of governance that reflect feminist values and principles, and overcome some of the pitfalls of power imbalance, hierarchy and the bureaucracy of “traditional governance” mechanisms. You can view our statutes here.

We base our governance on the following principles

Our Vision

We envision a global social impact sector that practices feminist leadership and sustains organisations embracing feminist principles and culture at all levels.

Our Mission

We work to equip individuals and institutions within the global social impact sector with feminist tools and strategies; mobilise and advocate for feminist leadership at all levels; and hold the sector accountable to parity and representation.

Diversity, Inclusion, Intersectionality

The FAIR SHARE Monitor and commitment focuses on increasing the number of women in leadership positions within the global social impact sector. When we say women, we mean everyone identifying as a woman ­­- transgender, intersex, cisgender- from all corners of the world and no matter their journey towards leadership.

But this is only one piece of the puzzle needed to increase diversity among leadership. The future leadership teams of the sector should represent the diversity of their staff and the people they work with, bringing in leaders from all genders, races, ages, nationalities, economic and social backgrounds.

With FAIR SHARE we seek to contribute to a wider debate on diversity, inclusion and intersectionality, and ultimately open the doors for a new generation of leaders that change their organisations and the world.

Transparency and Trust

Shared Ownership

Diversity and Inclusion


Transformational Change

Co-Leadership at FAIR SHARE

Since January 2023, the position of Executive Director is shared: our team member Lisa Tatu Hey – who in her time at FAIR SHARE has been responsible for the international Monitor as well as the Women Leadership Lab – joined co-founder Helene Wolf to lead the team together. Learn more here.


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Claire Ba (she/her) is a project manager at FAIR SHARE. In this role, she is responsible for running the International FAIR SHARE Monitor operations and contributing to its strategic development.

With her background in the experiential learning sector and the West African queer feminist movement, Claire comes with experience in youth development, capacity building, knowledge production and communications.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to live music and exploring art workshops.


Alex Haslinger (they/she) is a project manager at FAIR SHARE, who is overseeing and coordinating a collaborative project with Bundesstiftung Gleichstellung, while being the central point to the multi-stakeholder process.

Alex has a background of International Peace, Conflict and Development Studies, and mediation, as well as experience as a facilitator of non-formal education in transnational contexts, focusing on antidiscrimination and power-critical methodologies.


Lisa Tatu Hey (she/her) is co-Executive Director at FAIR SHARE. She is responsible for the Women Leadership Lab, an innovative leadership program for women in the civil society sector based on feminist leadership approaches, as well as our work on Feminist Development policy.

As a member of the Black Earth Climate Justice Collective, she advocates for and conducts workshops on decolonial approaches to the climate crisis and international development.


Carolin (she/her) is taking care of finances, people and internal development at FAIR SHARE and is passionate about building equitable organisational structures and sustainable funding for FAIR SHARE together with her colleagues.

She also helped set up and managed FAIR SHARE’s work in Germany. In particular, she focuses on developing and supporting the community within the German civil society that would like to join forces with FAIR SHARE to advocate for more just organisational and leadership cultures.

She has 20 years of experience in working with NGOs and brings to FAIR SHARE her expertise in the management of national and international projects and in consulting the respective civil society organisations.


Wonu Owoade (she/her) is a Fundraising Consultant at FAIR SHARE. She is supporting the team with outreach to institutional donors with the aim to expand FAIR SHARE’s international outreach.

Wonu has over a decade’s experience in fundraising. She has worked with several organisations in the international development and social impact space including openDemocracy, Equality Now, Plan International UK, and the More than Brides Alliance, a partnership between Oxfam Novib, Simavi, Population Council and Save the Children Netherlands.


Lea is a Project Manager at FAIR SHARE and responsible for the emerging department on intersectional data and social impact sector monitoring.

Thanks to her work for the European Youth Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe she has more than 8 years of experience in political education, capacity building and youth empowerment. Most recently, she worked as a Consultant for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.


Sophia Seawell (she/her) is a Project Manager at FAIR SHARE. She is responsible for international community-building and developing our Feminist Leadership work, as well as communications and fundraising.

Previously, Sophia was part of the communications team at international feminist fund Mama Cash.

Outside of work, Sophia enjoys trying new recipes, live music, and breathwork.


Deniz Ece Sen (she/her) is a Project Manager at FAIR SHARE. She provides organisational support to the team and for the FAIR SHARE Monitor.

Deniz has a background in human rights and has worked with different NGOs in Turkey ans southeast Asia on topics such as minority rights, positive youth development and social equity. 

In her free time, she enjoys going on a long walks with her dog and growing vegetables in her garden.


Helene founded FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders e.V. two years ago and has been leading the setup of the initiative on a voluntary basis since then. Before that she served as the Deputy Executive Director at the International Civil Society Centre where she led and managed the development from a start-up phase to a mid-sized organisation. In this capacity she also worked closely with the top leadership of the largest internationally operating civil society organisations on issues such as governance, accountability and cooperation. She lives in Berlin, Germany and has two sons.

Advisory Council


The Advisory Council advises and holds the Co-Executive Directors accountable. The members of this body are serving four-year terms on a voluntary basis, meet 2-4 times/year to work more closely on strategic issues for FAIR SHARE.



Members elect the advisory council, decide on annual accounts and approve any changes to statutes.

Action Circle

The FAIR SHARE Action Circle is a group of six feminist leaders from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and ages and with strong competencies in women’s rights, movement building and advocacy. The Action Circle represents, develops and drives FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders’ vision to establish feminist leadership as the new paradigm for the social impact sector. The Executive Director is part of the Action Circle and works closely with its members on collective advocacy and initiatives.
We also thank our Leadership Forum, a group of visionary women who supported the set-up of FAIR SHARE in the very first stages with advice, feedback and encouragement.
We received seed-funding for our work from Ise Bosch, German feminist philanthropist.
Since then, we have received funding from Campact, the BMW Foundation, the Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the German Postcode Lottery, the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, and the Schöpflin Foundation. We thank our partners for their trust and support.
If you are interested in becoming part of the FAIR SHARE community, please write us at hello@fairsharewl.org or check other opportunities to Join Us.