Our Governance

We aim to test and showcase new forms of governance that reflect feminist values and principles, and overcome some of the pitfalls of power imbalance, hierarchy and the bureaucracy of “traditional governance” mechanisms. You can take a look at our governance chart here.

We base our governance on the following principles

Our Vision

We envision a global social impact sector that practices feminist leadership and sustains organisations embracing feminist principles and culture at all levels.

Our Mission

We work to equip individuals and institutions within the global social impact sector with feminist tools and strategies; mobilise and advocate for feminist leadership at all levels; and hold the sector accountable to parity and representation.

Diversity, Inclusion, Intersectionality

The FAIR SHARE Monitor and commitment focuses on increasing the number of women in leadership positions within the global social impact sector. When we say women, we mean everyone identifying as a woman ­­- transgender, intersex, cisgender- from all corners of the world and no matter their journey towards leadership.

But this is only one piece of the puzzle needed to increase diversity among leadership. The future leadership teams of the sector should represent the diversity of their staff and the people they work with, bringing in leaders from all genders, races, ages, nationalities, economic and social backgrounds.

With FAIR SHARE we seek to contribute to a wider debate on diversity, inclusion and intersectionality, and ultimately open the doors for a new generation of leaders that change their organisations and the world.

Transparency and Trust

Shared Ownership

Diversity and Inclusion


Transformational Change

Action Circle

The FAIR SHARE Action Circle is a group of six feminist leaders from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and ages and with strong competencies in women’s rights, movement building and advocacy. The Action Circle represents, develops and drives FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders’ vision to establish feminist leadership as the new paradigm for the social impact sector. The Executive Director is part of the Action Circle and works closely with its members on collective advocacy and initiatives.


The Board is responsible for the operations of FAIR SHARE as legally required by German law. It signs-off on budgets and annual reports, employs the Executive Director and is legally liable for the business of FAIR SHARE. Board members are elected for three years based on their competencies in operations, finance or law. The Board may exercise a veto right over Action Circle initiatives in case they put the legal, financial or operational functioning of FAIR SHARE at risk. There are currently three Board Members.
Helene Wolf

Helene Wolf, Chair

Helene Wolf is the Chair and Co-Founder of FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders. Before starting FAIR SHARE, she served as Deputy Executive Director of the International Civil Society Centre for eight years. She has two sons and lives in Berlin.

Åsa Månsson, Vice-Chair

Åsa Månsson, Vice-Chair

Åsa is co-founder and vice chair of the board of FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders e.V. Since 2020, she has been working at Wikimedia Deutschland, the German chapter of the global Free Knowledge Movement, currently as head of the Strategy & Governance team. Previously, she worked at the International Civil Society Centre in Berlin for more than 10 years, most recently as Program Director. Originally from Sweden, she previously worked for a consultancy evaluating social projects in the public and civil society sectors. Åsa studied European Studies and Sociology at the Universities of Gothenburg and Berlin.

Robin Hodess, Treasurer

Robin Hodess, Treasurer

Robin is the Treasurer at FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders. She is currently the Cause Lead and Director of Governance at The B Team, a non-profit organisation bringing together leaders from business and civil society to create new forms of corporate leadership based on sustainability, equality and accountability. Before joining The B Team, she served in various leadership positions at the Transparency International Secretariat, including as Managing Director. Robin has also served on the Steering Committee of the Open Government Partnership for the last three years, and she is currently the Civil Society Co-Chair.


The members meet once a year to elect the Board and decide on changes to the statutes. There are currently around 15 members who supported the establishment of FAIR SHARE from the very beginning. We aim to invite new members to join in order to ensure a diverse and inclusive membership structure that oversees the Board.


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Lisa Hey

Brita Fernandez-Schmidt

Lisa is a Project Manager, who manages the international FAIR SHARE Monitor, the German Women Leadership Lab and conducts workshops on Feminist Leadership.

Lisa is part of the Black Earth Collective, which approaches its work on climate justice with an intersectional, anti-racist and environmental approach.

Carolin Müller-Bretl

Ingrid Srinath

Carolin is the Project Manager at FAIR SHARE, leading the coordination of the FAIR SHARE campaign in Germany. She has 15 years of experience in working for NGOs and brings in expertise in the management of national and international projects and the consultation of its respective civil society actors.

Before joining FAIR SHARE, Carolin worked as a project manager for the German Digital Opportunities Foundation and the Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research. Her thematic focus lies on gender, migration and inclusion issues, for which she has continuously researched and published.

Lea Schiewer

Malayah Harper

Lea is a Project Manager at FAIR SHARE and responsible for German communications and the digitalisation of the FAIR SHARE Monitor.

Thanks to her work for the European Youth Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe she has more than 8 years of experience in political education, capacity building and youth empowerment. Most recently, she worked as a Consultant for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.

Sophia Seawell

Uygar Özesmi

Sophia Seawell is a Project Manager at FAIR SHARE. She is responsible for the communications of the international campaign, developing our Feminist Leadership work and supporting the Executive Director with fundraising.

Sophia comes to FAIR SHARE from international feminist fund Mama Cash, where she developed and implemented a social media strategy, supported online campaigns and produced written as well as audiovisual content.

Outside of her role at Mama Cash, Sophia was involved with developing and facilitating workshops on safety and inclusion in nightlife with Stichting SexMatters. She also moderates events and works as a freelance writer, editor and researcher.




Helene Wolf

Penny Lawrence

Helene founded FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders e.V. two years ago and has been leading the setup of the initiative on a voluntary basis since then. Before that she served as the Deputy Executive Director at the International Civil Society Centre where she led and managed the development from a start-up phase to a mid-sized organisation. In this capacity she also worked closely with the top leadership of the largest internationally operating civil society organisations on issues such as governance, accountability and cooperation. She lives in Berlin, Germany and has two sons.


Alyssa Cancian

Alyssa Cancian

Alyssa is a recent graduate with a passion for reducing inequalities and empowering women and girls. She has previously worked on projects in Europe relating to the protection of civic rights and the creation of resilient civil societies, but is currently volunteering with local nonprofits at home in Alberta, Canada. To Alyssa, volunteering for FAIR SHARE means an opportunity to help advance a feminist agenda- one that echoes equality, inclusion, and empowerment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Alberta and spent a semester studying at the National University of Singapore. 

Vanessa Chung
Vanessa holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from the National University of Singapore. With a passion to bring people together, Vanessa completed professional training in event management upon completion of her undergraduate degree. For 6 years, she bridged communities in Singapore by organising different initiatives to encourage conversation and bring people from different worlds closer together. The feminist cause is one close to Vanessa’s heart and she is passionate about leaving a more equal world behind than the present one.
Serafina Serra

Serafina Serra

Serafina Serra holds a Master of Arts in Languages and Civilizations of Asia and Africa (University of Turin), with a focus on postcolonial Hindi literature.

She’s been committed for several years as a volunteer in activities in the field of cultural integration of non-European citizens, having as main target groups youths and women.

After her studies, she worked mainly in the social and cultural field, improving her skills of project design and project management.

She’s driven by whatever involves creativity and a meaningful social impact.

We also thank our Leadership Forum, a group of visionary women who supported the set-up of FAIR SHARE in the very first stages with advice, feedback and encouragement.
We received seed-funding for our work from Ise Bosch, German feminist philanthropist.
If you are interested in becoming part of the FAIR SHARE community, please write us at hello@fairsharewl.org or check other opportunities to Join Us.