We call on all social impact organisations to achieve a FAIR SHARE of women leaders by 2030

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A man working in the social impact sector is



A man working in the social impact sector is 3 Times More likely to rise to a leadership position than a woman

likely to rise to a leadership position than a woman

6 FEMINIST LEADERS from around the world joined forces to disrupt the status quo

Aïssata Lam, President, Youth Chamber of Commerce Mauritania

Photo of Aïssata Lam

Anusha Bharadwaj, Executive Director, Voice4Girls

Photo of Anusha Bharadwaj

Emily Bove, Executive Director, Batonga Foundation

Photo of Emily Bove

Helene Wolf, Chair, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders

Photo of Helene Wolf

Serap Altinisik, Head of EU Office, Plan International

Photo of Serap Altinisik

Zakiya Carr Johnson, Founder, Black Women Disrupt

Photo of Zakiya Carr Johnson

The FAIR SHARE Monitor measures the number of women in leadership

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Here are some of the civil society leaders backing our mission
Dr. Githinji Gitahi
Delia Ferreira Rubio

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Why do we need more women leaders?

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A lack of women leaders contradicts most organisations’ own policies and statements on gender equality and women’s rights.

TO Walk the talk

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 for 2030 is to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”. We will only achieve this if we live up to this goal within our own organisations.

TO Fulfil our goals

#MeToo and reports about sexual abuse in major organisations document a culture of male dominance and impunity. More women leaders will lead to the fundamental culture change we need.

TO Stop sexual and other abuse

A talented man is five times more likely to rise to a leadership position than an equally talented woman. With rapid changes to the way we work in this sector and worldwide, we urgently need visionary, participatory and transformational leadership.

TO Use talent

Social impact organisations should reflect the societies in which they operate, in all their diversity.

TO Ensure accountability and representation

This is what feminist leadership looks like

2020: The year of feminist leadership

Photo of John Coonrod
Photo of Seema Jalan