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We are a young organisation with very limited seed-funding. To develop the community, advocate for feminist leadership and build up a mentoring programme for the next generation of feminist leaders, we need your support!


FAIR SHARE is grateful to be supported by an international network of volunteers. If you're interested in contributing your time and skills to making the social impact sector more equal, get in touch!
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Come to FAIR SHARE for your German Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr im politischen Leben.

Are you passionate about gender equity, a diverse civil society sector, and feminist issues? Do you want to be part of an international team? Would you like to gain insights into feminist approaches in organisational culture and structure?

Then join us for your Voluntary Social Year in Political Life!  


Please note: This announcement is aimed solely at individuals between the ages of 16 and 26 who have completed their compulsory full-time education. The placement for a Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr im politischen Leben (FSJ-P) [Voluntary Social Year in Political Life] is set up in cooperation with Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste e. V. (ijgd).

Additional note: This is a country-specific position located in Germany. Applicants from outside Germany are welcome to apply, but the program and FAIR SHARE are unable to cover visa and travel costs.

Click here to see the full job listing.

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