Feminist Leadership: Eight Weeks of Exploration

We were overwhelmed by the amount of interest in our webinar series Feminist Leadership: Eight Weeks of Exploration. To make some of the material available to those who weren’t able to attend, recordings, the hosts presentation slides and an overview of key insights from the session are available at the bottom of this page. Please note that some hosts requested that their sessions not be recorded.

What participants and hosts had to say:

“A supportive and thoughtful environment.”
“There’s been such a great personal journey running up to this webinar – it’s like a hike in the digital space.” (Lysa John, CIVICUS)
“The discussion made me feel like my thoughts and feelings of the past years had finally found a home in which to resonate.”
“It has been such an immense joy to be part of this process and work.” (Elena Ghizzo, Feminist Hiking Collective)


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Recordings and slides

This program is supported by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.