Jan 22, 2024 |

A new partnership with the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe

When FAIR SHARE was founded in 2019, our first project was the FAIR SHARE Monitor, with which we track and publish the proportion of women on staff and in leadership in international social impact organisations annually.

At the same time, we know that the systemic change needed in the sector goes beyond equitable leadership opportunities for women. That’s why we also create spaces and resources for individuals and organisations to explore feminist approaches to organisational and leadership culture. We call this Feminist Leadership.

Following clear demand for a space where these conversations and ideas could build off one another, in 2023 we launched the pilot for the Feminist Leadership Hub with our partners One Future Collective.

We are excited to announce that we will continue and deepen this work in collaboration with the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe.

The Alliance is a donors collaborative supporting progress for gender equality and women’s rights in Europe. They support the strengthening of small, frontline organisations working on gender equality in Europe that are working to improve the lives of individuals, while also addressing the underlying structures and power dynamics that uphold inequality and exclusion.

The Alliance shares that chose to support the Feminist Leadership Hub because:

  • “Feminist leadership encompasses the whole spectrum of organisational development.
  • Feminist leadership promotes more collaborative and caring work environment, aligned with our values.
  • The platform is a self-led space, where everyone can contribute and learn equally.
  • It facilitates building connections and networks with other civil society across Europe and the world.
  • FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders and One Future Collective have extensive experience in feminist leadership.”

This Hub will contribute to the Alliance’s aim of strengthening the capacity and sustainability of their grantee partners, while providing resources for us to explore incorporating language justice into the space and its operations. We are excited and grateful for this opportunity, which comes at a crucial time given our plans to launch the Hub publicly in 2024.

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