Jul 4, 2024 |

Introducing FAIR SHARE’s Advisory Council Co-Chairs

We are continuing our journey towards a feminist governance.

Over a year and a half ago, our first step in this direction was to implement a co-leadership model with Lisa Tatu Hey and Helene Wolf. At the beginning of 2024, we announced three big changes to out governance:

  • A paid Executive Board consisting of the Co-Executive Directors 

  • The creation of our Advisory Council, with members Serap Altinisik, Leila Billing, Allen Gunn, Robin Hodess, Åsa Månsson and Maya Tamayo. 

  • The renewal, diversification and expansion of our membership. 

You can read more about these here.

We are excited to announce that on May 15th, 2024, the Advisory Council elected their first Co-Chairs, Maya Tamayo & Åsa Månsson. Their mandate as the inaugural chairs of the six-member Advisory Council extends until November 19, 2025. 

The Advisory Council members were elected by the FAIR SHARE members and have since then held three meetings focused on building trust and establishing collective principles. Guided by feminist governance principles – including for example insights from Maya on Bayi Inc’s feminist governance framework – the Advisory Council aims to develop collective decision-making processes, navigate disagreements, and foster shared ownership of FAIR SHARE’s future and strategy.  This work is facilitated through collective learning sessions, discussions on expectations, and the creation of practices tailored to our unique needs.

“I feel humbled and excited to pick up the role as co-chair together with Maya. Fair Share stands at a pivotal juncture—facing the rise of global anti-feminist movements and the challenge of fortifying our organisation after five years of progress. I hope the advisory board will provide useful support to this and that Maya and I can play our role in developing a efficient and feminist governance.”

Åsa Månsson, Co-Chair of the FAIR SHARE Advisory Council

“Saying ‘yes’ to this co-chair role is a commitment to a shared journey of discovery and transformation with Fair Share. Together, it’s an opportunity to explore feminist leadership and governance as lived practices that can dismantle hierarchies and empower individuals. This isn’t just about strengthening an organization; it’s about seeding a movement that can revolutionize the way we lead, govern, and create change—demonstrating that alternative, inclusive ways of working are not only possible, but essential for thriving organizations. The lessons we learn and unlearn here will hopefully resonate beyond our networks and partners, and I’m eager to bring those insights back to the Philippines to inspire similar change. For me, this co-chair role is a commitment to growth, not only for Fair Share and the movement but my own personal growth. I’m excited to learn alongside this council, to challenge my own assumptions, and to discover new ways of leading that align with my feminist values.”

Maya Tamayo, Co-Chair of the FAIR SHARE Advisory Council

What does the FAIR SHARE Advisory Body do? 

The members of the Advisory Body advise and hold the two Co-Executive Directors accountable and work on strategic issues for FAIR SHARE. They approve financial reports and organisational budgets and appoint the Executive Directors. They serve four-year terms on a voluntary basis and meet 2-4 times a year. 
With the election of our co-chairs, we are one step closer to defining how to operate based on feminist values and principles, including collective decision-making and power-critical accountability within governance structures.

Åsa Månsson

Portrait of ElsaMarie DSilva

Åsa Månsson is the executive director of VENRO, an umbrella organisation of development and humanitarian NGOs in Germany. Before joining VENRO, Åsa Månsson was head of strategy, organisational development and committee work at Wikimedia Deutschland. She held various management positions at the International Civil Society Centre, most recently as Programme Director.
Among other things, she was responsible for the organisation’s fundraising and communications work and the development of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability, an internationally recognised quality standard for civil society organisations. Åsa was a founding member of FAIR SHARE’s first board along with Robin Hodess, and now joins our Advisory Council.

Maya Tamayo 

Portrait of Gloria Guerrero

Maya is a passionate and dedicated advocate for transformative leadership and the power of inclusive arts and culture to spark change. As co-founder of Angat Bayi [Uplift Women] and Founding Co-Executive Director of BAYI, Inc. , she’s a driving force behind initiatives that empower women and girls and dismantle systems of inequality. Her expertise has earned her fellowships with prestigious organizations like Ashoka, Vital Voices, and the Global Governance Forum. 

Maya is the first Filipina Fellow of the Vital Voices’ VVEngage Fellowship Program and a member of the Apolitical Foundation’s Asia Design Council for Women’s Political Campaigns, where she’s helping to reshape the landscape for women in politics. She also lends her expertise to the boards of the University of the Philippines Center for Women’s Studies Foundation, Inc. and Lunas Collective. 

When she’s not busy designing groundbreaking projects or consulting, you can find her dancing, exploring new places, engaging in board game battles with her tribe, or simply enjoying coffee and wine with her coven.