May 31, 2023 | FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders

FAIR SHARE Monitor 2023: What you can do with data

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely seen the latest figures from the FAIR SHARE Monitor 2023 on gender equity in the social impact sector, and you’re wondering what you can do with this data. How you can use it to spark and sustain change in your organisation?

Here are three ideas we have:

Propose a team or staff-wide discussion on gender equity in your organisation

If your organisation is in the Monitor, you can use your ranking as an entry point for a tea or staff discussion about gender equity within your organisation; you may also want to propose a working group.

If it’s not in the Monitor, that’s also an entry point for discussion: you can ask your HR team to transparently share the proportion of women on staff and women in leadership with the whole organisation.

Take a step towards intersectionality

Since 2021, the FAIR SHARE Monitor also tracks the representation of Black, Brown, Indigenous women and women of colour (BIWoC) specifically – and our ambition is to continue developing the Monitor into a fully-fledged intersectional tool that can measure context-specific power dynamics.

But there’s no reason your organisation can’t already begin this journey: you could propose a survey for staff and leadership that would make visible additional “power down” groups (a term we borrow from CARE International meaning groups who experience oppression, marginalisation or discrimination).

Encourage your leadership to make the FAIR SHARE Commitment

The FAIR SHARE Commitment is a pledge to achieve gender equity in its leadership by 2030 at the latest, and actively participate in the annual FAIR SHARE Monitor by sharing data on gender distribution of staff with us.

The FAIR SHARE Commitment gives your organisation access to a peer-learning community of over peers in the international social impact sector who are also working towards gender equity and exploring Feminist Leadership.

Want exchange best practises with your peers or even collaborate on this work? Learn more or contact


And a bonus tip: you can download and share our FAIR SHARE Monitor 2023 fact sheet below.