Let’s create a “new normal”

Almost exactly a year ago, I committed to bring the newly founded organisation FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders to life, together with others dedicated to women empowerment in the civil society sector. I had quit my job, took about a month to re-charge and...

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More Women in Leadership Positions

Two years ago, when we started examining women’s leadership in international civil society organisations (ICSOs), we didn’t have a very clear idea of what to expect. The role of women was discussed, but mostly on a very weak basis of data and often only...

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Feminism, my annoying friend

Feminism sometimes feels like an annoying friend who keeps tagging along wherever you go. Go to a party, and there it is, alongside you as you push folks into serious discussions about gender equality that they wish you didn’t start. Raise your children, and...

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The Credibility Gap

The Wild action research group held a stimulating cross sector learning event in London on Nov 20th to learn from others on what blocks and what enables women to become CEOs and Chairs –  whatever the organisation. A room full of passionate women and...

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