Jan 19, 2022 |

Leading for Change

How do we figure out what Feminist Leadership would look like on an organisational level?

How are others increasing gender equity in their structures?

And how can we make sure we drive this transformation together, as a sector?

‘Leading for Change: Case studies from committed organisations’

sets out to propose answers to some of these questions.

We created this resource in collaboration with organisations who have made the FAIR SHARE Commitment, pledging to achieve gender equity in their leadership by 2030. Through the experiences and experiments of these frontrunners, we hope to inspire and encourage others to start or persevere in their journey towards gender equity and Feminist Leadership. 

Inside, you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the practises and processes we are developing at FAIR SHARE, where we have the privilege and challenge to build a feminist organisation from scratch. 

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“It is important that we not only look at how we improve services, but also how we genuinely transform communities so that decisionmaking and access is inclusive.”

Dona Anyona, Amref Health Africa

“That’s also why we’re not making the headway we should be on some issues; people don’t recognise the political context in which we’re embedded. Approaching our work through a Feminist Leadership lens allows you to discuss those politics.”

Christine Stegling, Frontline AIDS

“The Care International Gender Network is an informal space—some call it our feminist social network—driven by both the individual and the collective energy of the members.”

Kassie McIlvaine, CARE International


This publication was co-created with organisations who have made the FAIR SHARE Commitment, a pledge to achieve gender equality in their leadership by 2030.

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