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Feminist Leaders for Feminist Goals

Feminist Leaders for Feminist Goals

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The social impact sector is facing a credibility gap between the external goals it claims to follow and the internal practices that employees are faced with. People identifying as women or Black, Indigenous and women of colour work within organisational structures that are characterised by sexism, racism and other forms of power inequalities.

We, the FAIR SHARE Action Circle, a group of six intersectional feminists, believe that change can be brought by leadership that is based on feminist principles and values. To support a transformation of the sector and the leadership paradigm within it, we present one of hopefully many puzzle pieces in our Agenda For Change.

Our Action Paper, a collectively developed puzzle piece shares vital questions on the themes of Purpose, People, Power and Process, that are needed for individual and collective self-reflection, learning and persistence in this liberating journey.  

A Toolkit based on the Agenda for Change

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