The social impact sector is made up of a vast amount of individuals, organisations and resources working towards a safer, more inclusive and more just world. Yet women are underrepresented in the sector’s leadership, and social impact organisations continue to perpetuate racism, sexism and other harms. For the sector to solve our global challenges, however, we need the participation of ALL voices and perspectives. And we need you!

Tuesday 28 November is Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving that celebrates solidarity and the common good. Our vision is to create a social impact sector that embodies equity, inclusion and representation in its structures and cultures.

With your support, we can drive forward the feminist transformation of civil society

Participation, equality and justice are central goals of social impact organisations. With the FAIR SHARE Monitor and our extensive work on Feminist Leadership, we are committed to ensuring that these goals are also put into practice in the internal structures of organisations. Thank you to everyone who supports us!

This Giving Tuesday, support our work with a one-time donation or enable our long-term sustainability with a regular donation.

How does your financial support make a difference?

  • 10€/month lets us know you stand with us on this journey
  • 50€/month covers a small part of our overhead costs (telephone, internet, office rent)
  • 500€/month goes towards strategic communication and fundraising so that we can have a long-term impact
  • 1000€/month allows us to organise quarterly peer-learning sessions for the Committed Organisations
  • 2,500€ finances visas and travel from partners in the Global South to attend the FAIR SHARE Festival (May 13-15 2024)

Make Giving Tuesday a day of change and solidarity. Join our efforts towards a more (gender) equitable and inclusive civil society. Together we can spark a much-needed transformation!

Donate online or by bank transfer

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