FAIR SHARE Commitment

We invite all civil society organisations that share our vision of gender equality within leadership by 2030 to sign our FAIR SHARE Commitment.

In doing so, organisations officially declare their readiness:

  • To achieve a fair share of women, the so-called FAIR SHARE, in their leadership bodies by 2030 at the latest
  • To provide the FAIR SHARE Monitor with the latest data on the gender distribution of their workforce and leadership on an annual basis.

Why commit?

By making the FAIR SHARE Commitment, which is free of charge, you will benefit from:

  • Joining a community of pioneers future-proofing their organisations
  • Early, high-profile positioning as a change-maker instead of scrambling to catch up
  • Setting the course for increasing employer attractiveness
  • Early access to new FAIR SHARE programs, products and events, and involvement in the development of new projects
  • Visibility at FAIR SHARE events and in FAIR SHARE’s growing network of partners

To join us in the journey towards gender justice in civil society, please send a scan of the signed FAIR SHARE Commitment (above) to hello@fairsharewl.org.

Are you a national organisation? Find the corresponding version of the FAIR SHARE Commitment here.

The FAIR SHARE Community

28 international organisations have already signed the FAIR SHARE Commitment (see the full list here). Get to know some of the leaders who are actively working towards a FAIR SHARE by 2030 in the videos below.

Publication: Leading for Change

What can organisations do to drive gender equity in their structures?
And what does Feminist Leadership look like in practice?

10 Committed Organisations share their experiments and learnings when it comes to organisational change in our new publication, Leading for Change, including:

  • Amref Health International on their GESI Community of Practice
  • Restless Development on their co-leadership pilot
  • Skateistan on their Girls First policy

Why they committed

  • Muhammad Musa, Executive Director, BRAC International for FAIR SHARE
  • Delia Ferreira Rubio, Transparency International, for FAIR SHARE
  • Dr. Githinji Gitahi, AMREF Health Africa, for FAIR SHARE
  • Caroline Kende-Robb, Care International, for FAIR SHARE
  • AB Albrectsen, Plan International, for FAIR SHARE
  • Amb. Caroline Usikpedo-Omoniye, Noble Delta Women for Peace and Development International, for FAIR SHARE
  • Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International, for FAIR SHARE
  • Ephraim Chimwaza, CESOCODE, for FAIR SHARE