How do we put Feminist Leadership into practice and construct equitable, inclusive workplaces, organisations and partnerships?

While there is growing momentum around the topic of Feminist Leadership in the sector, there is also a need among feminist leaders for spaces where they can exchange ideas on moving from theory to practice. How do we build the world we want to see, starting with our own organisations?

That’s why we are collaborating with Akina Mama wa Afrika and We Are Feminist Leaders to offer a free, interactive and virtual learning series where we’ll explore how to apply Feminist Leadership principles to different aspects of organisational cultures and structures.

We hope you’ll join us and bring your questions, ideas and experiences to the conversation!

Session schedule

Based off of a survey each organisation shared on their social media, we are excited to offer the following three sessions.

Feminism and hierarchy - like oil and water?

Monday 4 September, 12:00-13:30 UTC 

Can we imagine organisations without hierarchy? Do flatter structures automatically mean more equitable workplaces? Is there a way of creating and living feminist hierarchies? 

With guest speakers Hope Chigudu (JASS Just Associates, Hope Africa), Aruna Rao (Gender at Work, SOAS) Maya Tamayo (Angat Bayi, BAYI Inc.), these are questions we want to explore with you!

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Performance management & salary

Monday 9 October, 12:00-13:30 UTC

Too often, money is the elephant in the room – and feminist organisations are not always the exception. So let’s have the conversation!

What are feminist and intersectional ways of determining and managing compensation? Should compensation be linked to an individual’s performance, financial need, position – or something else? And what does a  disability justice approach to performance management and compensation look like?

Join us with guests TBA to dig into this thorny but critical topic.

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Collective wellbeing

Thursday 9 November, 12:00-13:00 UTC

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