Jun 10, 2022 | Julia Naoko Krongelb

Bringing Feminist Leadership to life

The following is one of six case studies on Feminist Leadership from the FAIR SHARE team in our latest publication Leading for Change. Explore the rest as well as 10 case studies from Committed Organisations.

I didn’t really know what Feminist Leadership meant until I started working for FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders. I come mainly from a background with hard leadership: strong hierarchy where you have to prove yourself and where there is hardly any recognition for your efforts. The work is based more on results than on a belief of human potential. 

My experience over the last few months as an intern with FAIR SHARE has given me hope that there is such a thing as Feminist Leadership, with a manager who shares power and highly skilled colleagues who behave in a caring and respectful manner towards each other. 

The strength of FAIR SHARE is that each member of the team tries to put the principle of Feminist Leadership into practice daily. My manager leads with empathy and openness. She never tries to take advantage of anyone and gives space for you to express yourself as an equal. Decisions are communicated and explained. This respectful and humble attitude is truly rare at work: a CEO who is aware of her own privilege, and instead of using her power to make others feel powerless or inferior, practices treating everyone as equals. This attitude makes the principle “Feminist Leadership” a reality in the workplace and not just an empty theoretical concept. 

Other members of the team also make Feminist Leadership come alive. They care for each other and when I put too much pressure on myself, they are attentive and concerned about my well-being. This compassionate attitude gives me more energy and motivation to give my best at work; I feel part of the team. Despite my position as an intern, my colleagues make sure I feel heard and respected. There is a climate of trust within the structure and this caring work environment allows me to feel more confident to take risks.

Working for FAIR SHARE allows me to contribute concretely to gender equity, to experience collective leadership where I can grow, do my best and share Feminist Leadership ideas around me. I now also know that it is possible to find a workplace where the words “sisterhood” and “empowerment” take on their full meaning because they are put into practice.

I hope that in the future, when FAIR SHARE will continue to grow and will count more and more employees, it will keep the same spirit of putting into practice the principles it stands for and promotes.

 Feminist Leadership is opening the path to a new era and FAIR SHARE is living proof of that.

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